Lessons in German as a foreign language

My tuition consists of individualised one-to-one lessons and I occasionally also teach small groups of students from various cultural backgrounds. I utilise different instruction languages such as English, French, Spanish and Portuguese in order to enable students without any German knowledge to gain an understanding of the grammar before switching to German. Lessons take place in Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin. Individual needs and prior knowledge are always taken into account to make sure lessons are tailored perfectly to each student. Grammar, conversation, pronunciation, written and spoken communication and stylistic concerns are taught according to need. The student’s mother tongue and other languages already learned are taken into consideration. I combine conventional and self-developed methods and materials and I use a macro-micro structural approach.

I’ve been teaching 10 to 17-year-old students in French and English for long years, as well as German as a foreign language to adults. Recently the German classes occupied more and more time due to increased demand. I really enjoy teaching German as a foreign language and I’m getting positive feedback. At this, it is a special advantage that I’m able to teach in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Language teaching is not just mere grammar, pronunciation and conversation; it is always about introducing and leading to culture and mentality, social relationships, cultural skills and concepts. Languages are the key to communication, to understanding the culture of a country, its inhabitants and their sense of humour. Languages are also essential for successful interpersonal and business relationships.

I relish the challenge of giving access to the German language for those whose mother tongue is not German and find it very fulfilling to give students the key to integration into society and the world of work in Germany. If you are interested in German lessons, please get in contact.