Who is cosmopoliflor?

I grew up in Niedersachsen/Lower Saxony and then spent a year in Spain after finishing school. After studying in Kassel and Braunschweig I ended up in Berlin, where I have lived since 2000. Frequent and extended trips to France mean that I consider France to be my second home country.

I have always been fascinated by languages and this has therefore been the main focus of my studies. Alongside my Master degree studies at the Humboldt University/Berlin, in Spanish, French and German linguistics with focus on German as a foreign language I have acquired a good level in Portuguese, as well as basic knowledge of Arabic, Italian and Dutch.

I am particularly fond of the Romance languages and the way of life in southern European countries. I have professional experience in several areas; I have worked as an Interviewer for a University Study, translated texts from Spanish, French and Portuguese into German and worked as a supervisor in a University Media Library. As a result of a few terms of Architecture studies I have basic knowledge in this area. I successfully completed courses in Rhetoric, Event Management, Moderation and Conflict Management at the Career Center of Humboldt University, Berlin. Other skills include Operational Support, Proofreading and Stylistic Editing of correspondence with German government agencies, authorities, courts and University essays. For several years I have also given extra help to schoolchildren aged 10 to 17 with their French and English as well as lessons in German as a foreign language.

As an independent producer I am creating French and German teaching videos for the Learning platform

I have always moved in international circles and in this way have gained considerable experience and knowledge of other cultures. In addition to languages, science, architecture, music and art are my main interests.

Bettina Wormuth